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Basic Research (Mid- and Long-term Research)


In order to open up new research areas related to AI, the University of Tokyo will combine its world-class cutting-edge academic research with AI, and researchers from leading overseas universities will be invited to conduct basic research on cutting-edge AI by world-class teams.

Super AI AI自体の進化
Super AI Advancement of AI itself
Hybrid AI
Hybrid AI 先端研究との融合
Hybrid AI Coordination with other leading-edge research
  • 少ない教師データからの高精度予測モデル自動構築 Automated Learning of High Accurate Prediction Model from Limited Supervised Data
    東京大学・先端科学技術研究センター Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
    原田 達也 教授 Professor Tatsuya Harada
  • 複合AIによる問題解決手法 Problem-solving methods using complex AI
    東京大学・素粒子物理国際研究センター International Center for Elementary Particle Physics, The University of Tokyo
    田中 純一 教授 Professor Junichi Tanaka
  • AIによる脳機能拡張 Expanding brain functionality using AI
    東京大学・大学院薬学系研究科 Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo
    池谷 裕二 教授 Professor Yuji Ikegaya
  • 脳活動データを活用した高信頼AI開発 Development of highly reliable AI that utilizes brain activity data
    東京大学・大学院医学系研究科 Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
    大木 研一 教授 Professor Kenichi Ohki
  • 幼児の知識獲得メカニズムを活用したAI Applying insights from human infant learning to AI
    東京大学・ニューロインテリジェンス国際研究機構 International Research Center for Neurointelligence, The University of Tokyo
    辻 晶 助教 Assistant Professor Sho Tsuji
  • 人工脳組織を用いた脳機能解明 Elucidation of brain functions using cybernetic brain structures
    東京大学・生産技術研究所 Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
    池内 与志穂 准教授 Associate Professor Yoshiho Ikeuchi
  • AIを活用した物質の量子的性質の解読 Analysis of materials’ quantum properties using AI
    東京大学・大学院工学系研究科 Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
    齊藤 英治 教授 Professor Eiji Saitoh
  • 生体ゆらぎに学ぶ超低消費電力を実現する次世代AIデバイス Next-generation AI devices that learn from biological fluctuations and achieve ultra-low electric power consumption
    東京大学・大学院工学系研究科 Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
    田畑 仁 教授 Professor Hitoshi Tabata
  • AI時代における真のジェンダー平等社会の実現とマイノリティの権利保障のための規範・倫理・実践研究 Exploration of criteria and ethics, and pursuit of practical research, aimed at realization of a truly gender-equal society and guarantee of rights protection for minorities in the age of AI
    東京大学・大学院情報学環 Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, The University of Tokyo
    林 香里 教授 Professor Kaori Hayashi
  • AI×発達障害当事者研究:計算論的神経科学による認知個性の顕在化 AI x Tojisha-Kenkyu: Computational Neuroscience for Systematic Understanding of Cognitive Individuality
    東京大学・ニューロインテリジェンス国際研究機構 International Research Center for Neurointelligence, The University of Tokyo
    長井 志江 特任教授 Project Professor Yukie Nagai


Applied Research (High-cycle research)


With social implementation in mind, the CIP system will be used to promote research aimed at commercializing research results. We will promote an ecosystem by setting up a business preparation company, appoint a research leader from UTokyo, promote social implementation through a short-term project structure for each theme, and serve as a launch pad for joint ventures (JV-Platform) that combines practicality and mobility.