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Basic Research (Mid- and Long-term Research)


In order to open up new research areas related to AI, the University of Tokyo will integrate its world-class cutting-edge academic research with AI, and researchers from leading overseas universities will be invited to conduct basic research on cutting-edge AI by world-class teams.

Super AI AI自体の進化
Super AI Advancement of AI itself
Hybrid AI
Hybrid AI 先端研究との融合
Hybrid AI Coordination with other leading-edge research


Applied Research (High-cycle Research)


With social implementation in mind, the CIP system will be used to promote research aimed at business implementation. We will promote an ecosystem by setting up a business preparation company, appoint a research leader from the University of Tokyo, promote social implementation through a short-term project structure for each theme, and serve as a launch pad for joint ventures (JV-Platform) that combines practicality and agility.