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Basic Research (Mid- and Long-term Research)


In order to open up new research areas related to AI, the University of Tokyo will integrate its world-class cutting-edge academic research with AI, and researchers from leading overseas universities will be invited to conduct basic research on cutting-edge AI by world-class teams.

Super AI AI自体の進化
Super AI Advancement of AI itself
Hybrid AI
Hybrid AI 先端研究との融合
Hybrid AI Coordination with other leading-edge research


Applied Research (High-cycle Research / CIP)



With social implementation in mind, framework such as the CIP system will be used to promote research aimed at commercialization of research results. Our goal is to create an ecosystem that includes the rapid establishment of operating companies and the return of the profits from their commercialization. Research leaders are appointed from faculty members of the University of Tokyo to promote social implementation through short-term project structures for each theme, serving as a launch pad (JV-platform) for joint ventures that combine practicality and agility.

In addition to the projects listed below, many other applied research projects are underway for commercialization.