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Beyond AI 研究推進機構サイエンスカフェ

Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café

Beyond AI 研究推進機構サイエンスカフェはBeyond AI 研究推進機構が開催するイベントです。基礎研究(中長期研究)の研究リーダーとモデレーターとの対談の形式により、研究に関連する様々な話題を社会に広く発信しています。それぞれの研究プロジェクトがAIを通してどのように進展してゆくのか、また、その進展の向こう側で、その成果が社会とどのような関わりを持つかなど、毎回テーマをかえて発信しています。

The Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café is an event series organized by the Institute for AI and Beyond. Various topics related to research are widely disseminated to society in the form of conversations between research leaders of basic research (medium- to long-term research) and a moderator. Each event will have a different theme, such as how AI will advance the research of each speaker and how the results from that research will be relevant to society in the future.

2022年度より、リアルタイム配信から収録動画の配信に形態を移行します。これにともない、カテゴリー名称を「公開セミナー」から「Beyond AI 研究推進機構サイエンスカフェ(略称:Beyond AI サイエンスカフェ)」に変更しました。

From the 2022 academic year, the format will shift from a real-time online distribution format to a distribution of video recordings. Accordingly, the name has been changed from "Public Seminar" to "Institute for AI and Beyond Science Café (abbreviated name: Beyond AI Science Café)".

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Other Events

各研究プロジェクトが主催・共催するイベント情報や、機構に所属する研究者が登壇する講演情報など、Beyond AI 研究推進機構に関連するイベント情報をお知らせします。

In this section, we will provide information about events related to the Institute for AI and Beyond, including events hosted or co-hosted by each research project and events where researchers belonging to the institute will be speaking.

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Research Results Presentation


Research presentations are held once a year with the aim of disseminating the results of research to society at large. Project leaders from the basic research (medium- and long-term research) will present their research results and exchange opinions on how to further promote their research in the future. Please note that even though the presentations are open to the public, the archives are not open to the public.


International Symposium


Once a year around February, we will hold an international symposium to discuss the present and future of AI, its relationship with society, culture, and science, and disseminate this information to the international community. Researchers from the Institute and international speakers from various fields are invited to give keynote speeches and join panel discussions on a set theme each year. We also release the archived videos of the international symposium for one year after the event, so please take a look.


Closed seminar

研究セミナーはBeyond AI 研究推進機構の非公開セミナーです。各研究プロジェクトに所属する研究者がプロジェクト間の垣根を越えて、研究・技術・概念などの情報交換、意識共有を行う目的で、様々なセミナーを開催しています。セミナーの内容は非公開となりますが、活動をご報告いたします。

Research seminars are closed seminars of the Institute for AI and Beyond. Researchers belonging to each research project hold various seminars with the aim of exchanging information and sharing awareness of research, technology, and concepts across the boundaries between projects. The contents of the seminars are not open to the public, but we will report on our activities.

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