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【プレスリリース】「次世代AI都市シミュレーター」の実証実験を加速・拡大 ~人の動き×デジタルツインによる都市の課題解決の手法の確立を目指す~ [Press Release] Accelerating and expanding the field experiment for “Next-Generation AI Urban Simulator” - Establishing a new methodology to solve urban issues by utilizing flow of people and digital twin simulation -


「次世代AI都市シミュレーター」は、東京大学とソフトバンクがBeyond AI 研究推進機構の研究テーマの一つとして、2021年4月から小田急電鉄と協力して研究開発に取り組んでいるものです。



・東京大学 Utokyo Focus

The University of Tokyo and SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter referred to as SoftBank), in collaboration with Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Odakyu Railway), began a new field experiment in December 2022 related to the Next-Generation AI Urban Simulator, expanding the target from a limited number of commercial facilities around Odakyu Ebina Station to cover the entire area around the Station.

“Next-Generation AI Urban Simulator” is one of the research themes promoted by the Institute for AI and Beyond under collaborative initiatives by the University of Tokyo and SoftBank, which have conducted the said research and development since April 2021, in collaboration with Odakyu Railway.

The field experiment aims to revitalize the livelihood and economy of the entire city by attracting more participants to local events, promoting purchasing activities, as well as improving efficiency of store operations based on the data acquired by “Next Generation AI Urban Simulator”. Furthermore, it is expected to solve urban issues such as reducing food loss and saving energy etc., to realize a sustainable urban environment.

Please see the following full press release (in Japanese only) (PDF).

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[募集] [学内限定] ソフトバンクと東京大学の協創(Beyond AI 連携事業)における 研究/事業化シーズ(プレハイサイクル研究)を募集 [Call for Proposals][for UTokyo teaching staff Only] Call for proposals on research/seeds for commercialization (pre-“high-cycle” research) in Beyond AI Joint Project of SoftBank and the University of Tokyo


ソフトバンクとのBeyond AI 連携事業では、研究成果の社会実装・事業化を目的としたエコシステムの形成を目指しています。
現在、Beyond AI 研究推進機構では、中長期研究(基礎研究)とハイサイクル研究(応用研究)を実施し、ハイサイクル研究ではその研究成果をCIP(技術研究組合)設立、さらには会社設立を通して社会実装・事業化を実現し、我が国のさらなるAI研究の発展とよりよい社会の実現に貢献することを目的として活動しています。


研究期間  :原則1年以内(年度を跨る場合は、年度毎の決算)
研究予算  :直接経費1,000万円以内
応募締め切り:2022年12月23日 金曜日(下記3分野テーマ)
       2023年1月6日 金曜日(下記3分野テーマ以外)
その他   :機構との相談、ソフトバンク担当者との調整等を経て、採否を決定。ハイサイクル研究や事業化への移行を目指したフィージビリティスタディ的な研究に取り組む。



宛先:bai.kenkyushien.adm[at] [at]を@に変えてください。
(Beyond AI 研究推進機構 研究支援担当)

To the University of Tokyo faculty,

Beyond AI Joint Project with SoftBank aims to build an ecosystem for the social implementation and commercialization of research results through the Institute for AI and Beyond.
Currently, the Institute promotes mid-to-long-term (basic research) and “high-cycle” research (applied research), and we aim to contribute to the further development of AI research and a better society in Japan by establishing collaborative innovation partnerships (CIP) and companies to commercialize and implement the results of the “high-cycle” research in society.

To expedite our efforts, the Institute for AI and Beyond has decided to call for proposals for pre-“high-cycle” research/seeds for commercialization.
Accordingly, we eagerly await proposals from interested professors.

◇Overview of the pre-“high-cycle” research
Research period: Generally, within 1 year (reported for each year even if crossing over academic years)
Research budget: Direct costs within 10 million JPY
Application deadline:
Friday, December 23, 2022 (for the three topics listed below)
Friday, January 6, 2023 (for topics other than the three listed below)
Misc.: Acceptance/rejection will be determined based on consultation with the organization and coordination with relevant staff at SoftBank. In pre-“high-cycle” research, you are supposed to undertake a feasibility study aimed at shifting to “high-cycle” research and commercialization

※For more details please read the document in PDF linked as below;

Please apply as per the instructions mentioned on the above document in PDF by sending the necessary information via "Contact" on our website linked as below;

Please send any queries you may have regarding the invitation for proposals to the following address:
Please change [at] to @
(Research Support Team at the Institute for AI and Beyond)

[プレスリリース]ソフトバンクと東京大学が共同で次世代AI人材育成を目的とした教育プログラムを実施 [Press Release] Softbank and The University of Tokyo to Implement an Educational Program Aiming to Train Next-Generation AI Talents

本プログラムは、世界で活躍できる次世代のAI人材の育成を目的に、AIやデータ活用について実践的に学び、ビジネスの最前線を体感できるデータハッカソンの開催、勉強会、交流会、グローバル・インターンシップの実施を含むプログラムとなっており、Beyond AI 研究推進機構による取り組みの一環として開催される。
プログラム全体の企画と運営に関しては、ソフトバンクが企業向けに提供するAI・DX人材育成サービス「Axross Recipe for Biz(アクロス・レシピ・フォー・ビズ)」の提供や、ソフトバンクの出資先であるFindability Sciences Inc.(ファインダビリティ・サイエンシス・インク)との連携など、グループのリソースやノウハウを活用して実施する。


・Findability Sciences Inc.

SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter referred to SoftBank) and the University of Tokyo will collaboratively implement an educational program aiming to train next-generation AI talents who can work globally, targeted for students of the University of Tokyo between 1st February and 1st March, 2023.
The program is part of the efforts by the Institute for AI and Beyond of the University of Tokyo to give opportunities for students to learn about AI and data applications. The program’s aim is also to provide them experience in the front lines of business in a practical way through data hackathons experiences, study groups activities, social events, and global internships etc.
The overall planning and operation of the program will be run by SoftBank, leveraging its own resources and know-hows through Axross Recipe Biz, which usually provides services to businesses, as well as through collaboration with Findability Sciences Inc., an investee of SoftBank.

Registration for participation is scheduled to open on 2nd December on the UTokyo website. For details, please refer to the Press Release from the SoftBank as linked below.
Note that the educational program will be in Japanese.

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[受賞] 中長期研究グループの齊藤英治教授が仁科記念賞を受賞 [Award] Professor Eiji Saitoh of the Mid- and Long-term Research Group awarded the Nishina Memorial Prize for 2022

11月10日、齊藤英治教授(東京大学 大学院工学系研究科)が、「スピン流物理学の開拓」の功績により、2022年度仁科記念賞の受賞者に決まったことが発表された。授賞式は、12 月 6 日(仁科芳雄博士のお誕生日)に執り行われる。



齊藤教授は、中長期研究(物理とAIの融合)「AIを活用した物質の量子的性質の解読 (Quantum ID -物質の「量子指紋」をAIで読み取り利用する-)」プロジェクトにおいて研究リーダーを務めている。

It was announced on November 10, 2022, that Professor Eiji SAITOH of the Graduate School of Engineering at the University of Tokyo, was selected as the awardee of the Nishina Memorial Prize for 2022 for his achievements on “Pioneering contribution to the physics of spin current”. The award ceremony will be held on December 6.

The Nishina Memorial Prize has been awarded to physicists for their outstanding achievements in the field of basic and applied physics every year since its establishment in 1955.

Prof. Saitoh gave the following comment on his selection, “This award recognizes the development of basic physics of spin current. In my group, we are currently developing spin current physics further and entering new research areas of quantum device physics and quantum AI. With this award as an encouragement, we will continue to contribute to the further development of science and technology.”

Prof. Saitoh is the project leader of the Basic research project (Integrating Physics and AI) entitled “Analysis of materials’ quantum properties using AI (Quantum ID: Exploiting “Quantum Fingerprintings” of materials with AI)” at the Institute for AI and Beyond.

・齊藤先生、プロジェクトページ AIを活用した物質の量子的性質の解読 (Quantum ID -物質の「量子指紋」をAIで読み取り利用する-)
・齊藤先生 研究室 プロフィールページ

・Nishina Memorial Foundation HP
・Press release announcing the winners (PDF)(Japanese only)
・Prof. Saitoh's Project page
・Saitoh lab. Profile page

米国で開催されたRome Call for AI Ethics: A Global University Summitに板津木綿子教授、矢口祐人教授、久野愛准教授が参加 Professor Yuko Itatsu and her colleagues participated in “Rome Call for AI Ethics: A Global University Summit”

10月26日、27日にノートルダム大学(米インディアナ州)で、Rome Call for AI Ethics: A Global University Summitが開催され、中長期研究プロジェクト、“B’AI Global Forum(ビー・エイアイ グローバル・フォーラム) AI時代における真のジェンダー平等社会の実現とマイノリティの権利保障のための規範・倫理・実践研究”より、研究リーダーの板津木綿子 大学院 情報学環・学際情報学府 教授、矢口祐人 同大学院 教授、久野愛 同大学院 准教授が参加した。
初日のセッション3:AI倫理と政策に続くパネルディスカッションでは、矢口教授が登壇。又、ポスターセッションでは板津教授、久野准教授が、B’AI Global Forum および Beyond AI 推進機構の活動についての紹介を行った。

Professor Yuko Itatsu, Professor Yujin Yaguchi, and Associate Professor Ai Hisano participated in the Global University Summit for the Rome Call for AI Ethics held on October 26 and 27, 2022, on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.
Profs. Itatsu, Yaguchi and Hisano belong to the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at the University of Tokyo and are members of the Mid- and Long-term Research Project " B’AI Global Forum: Research on norms, ethics and praxis for a truly gender equal society and a guarantee of rights for minorities in the AI age ".

The summit featured presentations of the latest research, keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking events aimed at examining the role of universities through research, education, and policy in developing ethical approaches to artificial intelligence (AI).
Professor Yaguchi was invited to talk at the panel discussion of the Session 3 on the 26th, representing the Institute for AI and Beyond, while Professor Itatsu and Associate Professor Hisano shared a poster presentation highlighting the approaches of both the B’AI Global Forum and the Institute for AI and Beyond.

・Global University Summit for the Rome Call for AI Ethics
・Rome Call for AI Ethics
・B'AI Global Forum HP

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[受賞]長井志江特任教授が世界のロボティクス分野で著名な女性研究者に与えられる国際的賞WiRESを受賞 [Award] Project Professor Yukie NAGAI awarded the “Women in Robotics Engineering and Science (WiRES)” at IROS 2022

研究リーダーの長井志江特任教授(東京大学 国際高等研究所 ニューロインテリジェンス国際研究機構)が、2022年10月23-27日に京都で開催されたIROS (The IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems、2022年大会において、認知発達ロボティクスやロボット学習での貢献が高く評価され、世界のロボティクス分野の著名な女性研究者に与えられる「35 Women in Robotics Engineering and Science (WiRES)」を受賞した。

長井特任教授は、2020年6月にも雑誌Analytics Insightにより世界で最も著名なロボティクス分野の女性50名に選ばれている。


Project Professor Yukie NAGAI of the university’s International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) was awarded the “Women in Robotics Engineering and Science (WiRES)” at IROS 2022 (The 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems), one of the largest and most influential research conferences in robotics in the world, for her contributions in cognitive developmental robotics and robot learning research. She was invited to give a talk in a special session dedicated to WiRES awardees with four other renowned women researchers on October 25 at IROS.

Professor Nagai has also been named one of the 50 most prominent women in robotics in the world by the journal, Analytics Insight, in June 2020.

Professor Nagai is the project leader of the Basic research project (AI and Society) entitled "AI x Tojisha-Kenkyu: Computational Neuroscience for Systematic Understanding of Cognitive Individuality” at the Institute for AI and Beyond of the University of Tokyo.

IROS 2022にて、35人のWiRES受賞者の一人として紹介される長井教授。

Dr. Nagai becomes one of 35 women to be honored with a 2022 Women in Robotics Engineering and Science Award.

Beyond AI サイエンスカフェが東京大学の「学内広報」で紹介されました The 6th and 7th Beyond AI Science Café introduced in "Daigaku Koho- Campus Magazine”, UTokyo

8月に発行された「学内広報」(NO.1561)の「topics」CLOSE UPにおいて、第6回(池内 与志穂先生)と第7回(村山 斉先生)のBeyond AI サイエンスカフェのYouTube公開が紹介されました。

 東京大学「学内広報」 2022年8月 NO.1561(2021.8.31)

The 6th and 7th Beyond AI Science Café movies uploaded at YouTube was covered as an CLOSE UP article at “topics” page in the "Daigaku Koho- Campus Magazine” (August, 2022, No. 1561), UTokyo.

Japanese Only :
The University of Tokyo "University Press" August 2022, NO.1561 (2022.8.31)
The "Daigaku Koho- Campus Magazine” (August 2022, No. 1561 on August 31, 2022), UTokyo

UTokyo-IIS Seminar in UTokyoNY「Delivering the Vision – Closing the gap between academic research and society」で、池内 与志穂准教授が講演 Associate Professor Yoshiho IKEUCHI gave a lecture from the UTokyo New York Office

6月13日(月)(日本時間14日(火))に、東京大学生産技術研究所主催のUTokyo-IIS Seminar in UTokyoNY 「Delivering the Vision - Closing the gap between academic research and society」が、東京大学ニューヨークオフィス(UTokyoNY)とオンラインのハイブリッド形式で開催され、藤井輝夫 東大総長(オンライン参加)などと共に、池内 与志穂 生産技術研究所 准教授(Beyond AI 研究推進機構 中長期研究プロジェクト:人工脳組織を用いた脳機能解明/研究リーダー)が、東京大学ニューヨークオフィスから講演を行いました。

【報告】UTokyo-IIS Seminar in UTokyoNY

9月1日発行、生産技術研究所の英文冊子 UTokyo-IIS Bulletin Vol.10への掲載:


[訃報] アドバイザリーボード メンバー 古井貞熙氏のご逝去について [In Memoriam] On the passing of a member of our advisory board, Dr. Sadaoki FURUI

国立情報学研究所 研究総主幹、豊田工業大学シカゴ校元学長、同校元理事長、東京工業大学名誉教授・栄誉教授で、2020年より東京大学 Beyond AI 研究推進機構のアドバイザリーボードのメンバーを務められた古井貞熙博士が、2022年(令和4年)7月31日にご逝去されました。

古井博士は、コンピューターによる音声認識研究の先駆者であり、学術のみならず広く社会への貢献により科学技術庁長官賞、文化功労賞、紫綬褒章、IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Awardなどを含む数多くの高名な賞を受賞されました。又、日本音響学会 会長、IEEE 理事、International Speech Communication Association 会長など内外で委員を歴任されるなど、長年に渡り人工知能分野の研究と教育において国際的に活躍されました。


Beyond AI 研究推進機構として古井博士の当機構への多大なご支援に感謝を申し上げます。又、人工知能研究・教育への優れた功績に敬意と感謝の意を表しますとともに、謹んでご冥福をお祈りいたします。

東京大学 Beyond AI 研究推進機構
機構長 萩谷 昌巳

The Institute for AI and Beyond mourns the loss of Dr. Sadaoki FURUI, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Chief Research Director at National Institute of Informatics (NII), former President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), and a member of the International Advisory Board of the Institute for AI and Beyond since 2020, who passed away on 31 July 2022.

Dr. Furui was a pioneer and a leader in the field of computerized speech recognition and has made a wide range of contributions throughout his distinguished carrier, not only to academic research and education in information technology related to artificial intelligence but also to society at large. As a result, he received numerous awards and honors such as the Science and Technology Agency's Director-General's Award, Cultural Achievement Award, “Medal with Purple Ribbon”, and the IEEE James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award to mention a few. He has also shown his dedication to the field by serving on various academic committees and organizations in Japan and abroad including the Acoustical Society of Japan, the IEEE and International Speech Communication Association.

We were extremely grateful for his contribution and generous support to our organization as the institute’s first chair of the International Advisory Board and his effort in the creation of the board itself. With his operational knowledge at an international research university in the US as well as his network of contacts at other top research institutions, research communities and prominent researchers in the field of AI at home and elsewhere, he kept giving sound advice to our management team on the prospects and international strategy of the institute. His timely and thoughtful advices to the researchers of the institute on their research projects have greatly been appreciated, not to mentioned that he was the frequent questioner and a thought-provoking advisor at the research seminars held regularly within the institute.

With the respect and thankfulness for his outstanding accomplishments to artificial intelligence research and education, the Institute for AI and Beyond of the University of Tokyo extends its deepest condolences to his family, his colleagues, and all who cherished their lives by knowing Dr. Furui.

Masami HAGIYA, Ph. D.
Director, Institute for AI and Beyond

[プレスリリース]大脳神経回路形成の新戦略――大脳皮質の多数の領野を結ぶ結合を効率よく作るための並列モジュール戦略を解明 Press Release: New strategy for cerebral neural network formation――Parallel modules strategy which enables the brain to efficiently form numerous interareal connections of the many cortical areas during development.

東京大学 大学院医学系研究科・Beyond AI研究推進機構(研究プロジェクト:脳情報再現による次世代AI開発プロジェクト / 研究リーダー)・国際高等研究所ニューロインテリジェンス国際研究機構 大木 研一教授、同大 大学院医学系研究科・Beyond AI研究推進機構(同プロジェクト / 研究担当者)村上 知成助教らの研究グループは、大脳視覚野にある多数の領野間結合が、発達時に効率的に形成されるメカニズムを解明しました。

ヒトの大脳皮質には 180 にも及ぶ多数の領野が存在し、これらの領野間を結ぶ数千にも及ぶ精密な神経回路による階層的かつ並列的な情報処理は、私たちの脳が複雑かつ汎用的な知性を獲得するための基盤となっています。従来の神経回路発達の研究では、感覚器から大脳皮質の入り口まで(視覚の場合、網膜から一次視覚野まで)の神経回路形成については詳細に調べられてきましたが、大脳皮質の領野間をつなぐ無数の結合がどのようなメカニズムで 3 次元の脳内で精密に混線なく配線されるのかについてはほとんど分かっていませんでした。

そのメカニズムの一つとして領野の階層性に従ってより低次な領野からより高次な領野へと順に形成していけば混線なく配線できると考えられますが、マウスでは生後から開眼までの 2 週間の間に多数の領野間の結合を全て作る必要があり、このメカニズムでは時間がかかり過ぎでした。それでは、このような複雑な無数の領野間結合を短時間に混線なく形成するためのメカニズムは何でしょうか。



本研究成果は、2022 年 8 月 3 日(英国夏時間)に英国科学誌「Nature」のオンライン版に掲載されました。


・東京大学ホームページ(UTokyo Focus)
・アブストラクト(論文タイトル:Modular strategy for the development of hierarchical networks in the mouse visual system )

A research team including Professor Kenichi OHKI of the Institute for AI and Beyond, the Graduate School of Medicine and the International Research Center for Neurointelligence (IRCN) of the University of Tokyo and Assistant Professor Tomonari MURAKAMI also of the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo has successfully elucidated a new mechanism of the brain by which a complex neural network, including interareal connections in the cerebral cortex, is efficiently formed during development. This is the first study investigating comprehensively how interareal connections among cortical and thalamic regions are formed during development.
This study is expected to be applied in the future to treatments for diseases such as congenital blindness and to circuit formation algorithms to improve an artificial intelligence.

The research result was published in the online edition of Nature on 3 August 2022 (UK time).

Professor Ohki and Assistant Professor Murakami are Project Leader and Researcher respectively in the Basic Research Project entitled “Development of next generation AI by modeling brain information ” at the Institute for AI and Beyond.

The full press release (in Japanese only) in PDF.

Related link: UTokyo HP

Abstract URL (Title: Modular strategy for the development of hierarchical networks in the mouse visual system)