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【プレスリリース】「次世代AI都市シミュレーター」の実証実験を加速・拡大 ~人の動き×デジタルツインによる都市の課題解決の手法の確立を目指す~ [Press Release] Accelerating and expanding the field experiment for “Next-Generation AI Urban Simulator” - Establishing a new methodology to solve urban issues by utilizing flow of people and digital twin simulation -


「次世代AI都市シミュレーター」は、東京大学とソフトバンクがBeyond AI 研究推進機構の研究テーマの一つとして、2021年4月から小田急電鉄と協力して研究開発に取り組んでいるものです。



・東京大学 Utokyo Focus

The University of Tokyo and SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter referred to as SoftBank), in collaboration with Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Odakyu Railway), began a new field experiment in December 2022 related to the Next-Generation AI Urban Simulator, expanding the target from a limited number of commercial facilities around Odakyu Ebina Station to cover the entire area around the Station.

“Next-Generation AI Urban Simulator” is one of the research themes promoted by the Institute for AI and Beyond under collaborative initiatives by the University of Tokyo and SoftBank, which have conducted the said research and development since April 2021, in collaboration with Odakyu Railway.

The field experiment aims to revitalize the livelihood and economy of the entire city by attracting more participants to local events, promoting purchasing activities, as well as improving efficiency of store operations based on the data acquired by “Next Generation AI Urban Simulator”. Furthermore, it is expected to solve urban issues such as reducing food loss and saving energy etc., to realize a sustainable urban environment.

Please see the following full press release (in Japanese only) (PDF).

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田中謙司准教授の取り組みがWEBメディア「DG Lab Haus」で紹介されました Professor Kenji Tanaka's research activities were featured in the web media "DG Lab Haus".

Beyond AI 研究推進機構応用研究(ハイサイクル研究)「次世代AI都市シミュレーター」研究プロジェクトの田中謙司准教授の取り組みが最先端テクノロジーに関する情報発信メディア「DG Lab Haus」に掲載されました。記事内では田中准教授とソフトバンク株式会社松田慎一テクノロジーユニット技術戦略統括 AI戦略室長、AI戦略室企画室 國枝良 室長が研究の取り組みについてご紹介しております。

・タイトル: 仮想空間に「もうひとつの海老名の街」~Beyond AI 研究推進機構が進める『次世代AI都市シミュレーター』
・掲載メディア: DG Lab Haus

Associate Professor Kenji Tanaka's research development of a "Urban Simulator for the next generation utilizing AI digital technology" from the Institute for AI and Beyond's Applied Research (High-cycle Research) has been featured on DG Lab Haus, a media outlet that provides information on cutting-edge technologies. This article features interviews with Associate Professor Tanaka, Mr. Shinichi Matsuda, Senior Director, AI Strategy Office Technology Unit, SoftBank Corp., and Ryo Kunieda, Manager, AI Strategy Office.

Title: "Another Ebina City" in Virtual Space - Institute for AI and Beyond's "Urban Simulator for the next generation utilizing AI digital technology"
Media: DG Lab Haus
Article URL:

プレスリリース:デジタルツインを活用した『次世代AI都市シミュレーター』の研究開発を開始 Press Release: Starts the research development of “Urban Simulator for the next generation utilizing AI digital technology” making use of Digital Twin.

国立大学法人東京大学、ソフトバンク株式会社、小田急電鉄株式会社および株式会社グリッドの4者は、Beyond AI 研究推進機構の研究テーマの一つとして、小田急線海老名駅と周辺施設を対象に、来訪者の行動変容を促す人流誘導アルゴリズムを実装する『次世代AI都市シミュレーター』の研究開発において連携し、研究を開始します。


The University of Tokyo, Softbank Corp., Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. and GRID Corp. will collaborate on the research development of a "Urban Simulator for the next generation utilizing AI digital technology" implementing Algorithm for People-Flow Naviation that encourages visitors to change their behavior in Ebina Station and area facilities on the Odakyu Line as one of the research themes in the Institute of AI and Beyond.

PDF(Japanese Only)