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【プレスリリース】「JR博多シティ」における、AIを活用した 来館者数や売り上げの高精度予測の研究を開始 ~来館者の満足度の向上や売り上げ拡大に向けた各種施策に活用~ [Press Release] Research using AI on highly accurate forecasting of number of visitors and sales at JR Hakata City has begun - Utilizing AI to improve visitor satisfaction and increase sales -

東京大学 空間情報科学研究センターの高橋孝明教授と菅澤翔之助准教授が独自に開発した統計手法を組み込んだAIに、ソフトバンクの人流統計データとJR九州グループ各社から提供される各種データを活用し、高精度な来館者数および売り上げ予測を行う研究が開始されました。



・東京大学 Utokyo Focus
・ソフトバンク ニュース

The research using AI enhanced with statistical methods developed by Professor Takaaki Takahashi and Associate Professor Shonosuke Sugasawa of the Center for Spatial Information Science at the University of Tokyo, along with statistical data on human flow and various other data provided by SoftBank Corp. and JR Kyushu Group companies respectively, to provide highly accurate forecasts of the number of visitors and sales has started.

This research considers JR Hakata Station as a representative model of a growing city in Japan and uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to identify factors that influence the number of visitors and sales at JR Hakata City, a large-scale commercial facility adjacent to JR Hakata Station, in order to make more accurate long-term forecasts. The goal of the research is to create attractive facilities for users by adapting the results of this research in various measures to improve users’ satisfaction and increase sales as well as contribute to promoting smart cities in other cities in Japan.

The full press release (in Japanese only) by Kyushu Railway Company, JR Kyushu Ekibiru Holdings, JR HAKATA CITY Co., Ltd., the University of Tokyo and SoftBank Corp is available as below (PDF).

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