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【プレスリリース】HL7 FHIR規格による健康・医療データの標準化と データ流通を促進する新会社「HEMILLIONS」を設立 〜安全・安心に健康・医療データを活用できる社会を構築し、 次世代の医療やヘルスケアの実現を目指す〜  【Press Release】HEMILLIONS Inc. established to promote the standardization and dissemination of health and medical data using the HL7 FHIR standard - Aiming to realize the next generation of medicine and healthcare by creating a society where health and medical data are utilized safely and securely -


HEMILLIONSは、Beyond AI 研究推進機構における取り組みからスタートし、技術研究組合(CIP)を経て株式会社化されました。Beyond AI 研究推進機構は、最先端研究とAI(人工知能)との融合によって新たな学術分野の創出を目指すとともに、研究成果の実社会における活用を加速し、教育研究の充実に必要な資源を大学に還元するエコシステムの構築を進めています。HEMILLIONSはBeyond AI 研究推進機構から事業化および株式会社化した第1号であり、また東京大学にとっては知の対価として、事業会社の普通株式を直接保有する初のケースとなります。 Beyond AI 研究推進機構では、今後もエコシステムの構築を進めるべく、CIPの制度などを活用した事業化を進めて参ります。


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HEMILLIONS Inc., a commercial company, was established on 7th April as a joint initiative of the University of Tokyo, SoftBank Corp., and KIS Inc. The company will promote health and medical data standardization and their dissemination by utilizing the HL7 FHIR (FHIR: Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard. Ultimately, HEMILLIONS will work towards building a society that can utilize health and medical data safely and securely by developing and providing solutions such as FRUCtoS, a platform software including FHIR server.

The HEMILLIONS started as an applied research project, a part of the efforts undertaken by the Institute for AI and Beyond, and was later converted to a joint venture company through the Collaborative Innovation Partnership (CIP) system. It is the first commercialized and incorporated company initiated by the Institute. It is also the first case for the University of Tokyo to directly hold common shares of a company in return for their intellectual properties.

The Institute of AI and Beyond aims to create new academic fields by integrating fundamental technology research of AI and other research fields. It also aims to establish an ecosystem which can return resources to the University to enhance its education and research activities by accelerating the social implementation and business deployment of the research outcomes generated from the Institute. The Institute will continue its efforts in commercialization based on the research outcomes via the CIP system to further promote the ecosystem.

The full press release is available below (in Japanese only) (PDF).

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