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【公開セミナー】第2回サイエンスカフェを開催いたします Second public seminar of the “Science Cafe” will be held.

サイフェンスカフェはBeyond AI研究推進機構が開催する公開セミナーで、基礎研究(中長期研究)の研究リーダーとサイエンスコミュニケーターとの対談の形式により、研究内容の社会発信を試みます。研究リーダーのそれぞれの研究が、AIを通して、どのように進展してゆくのか、また、その進展の向こう側で、その研究の成果が社会とどのような関わりを持つかなど、について毎回テーマを設定して、発信してまいります。


日 時:2021年10月20日(水) 18:00-19:00
会 場:オンライン開催  
講 師:原田達也(先端科学技術研究センター・教授)


Science Cafe is a public seminar series organized by the Institute for AI and Beyond, with the aim of disseminating the contents of research to society in the form of a dialogue between research leaders of Basic Research (Mid- and Long-term Research) and science communicators.
Each seminar will have a different theme, such as how AI will advance the research of each speaker and how the results from that research will be relevant to society in the future.

In the second seminar, Professor Tatsuya Harada (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology - RCAST), a leading expert in the field of image recognition, will talk about systems and services with advanced prediction functions based on machine learning, which are currently spreading rapidly. He will also talk about the difficult problem of preparing training data that stands in the way of the implementation of deep learning and introduce the potential of this problem and its solutions. He will also discuss how the solution to this problem, the automatic construction and application of highly accurate prediction models, can contribute to the achievement of a better future society, and the progress of science and technology.

2nd Science Cafe
Date & Time: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 18:00-19:00
Venue: Online
Speaker: Tatsuya Harada (Professor, The Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology)

*Please note that this seminar is in Japanese only.

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