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[募集] [学内限定] ソフトバンクと東京大学の協創(Beyond AI 連携事業)における 研究/事業化シーズ(プレハイサイクル研究)を募集 [Call for Proposals][for UTokyo teaching staff Only] Call for proposals on research/seeds for commercialization (pre-“high-cycle” research) in Beyond AI Joint Project of SoftBank and the University of Tokyo


ソフトバンクとのBeyond AI 連携事業では、研究成果の社会実装・事業化を目的としたエコシステムの形成を目指しています。
現在、Beyond AI 研究推進機構では、中長期研究(基礎研究)とハイサイクル研究(応用研究)を実施し、ハイサイクル研究ではその研究成果をCIP(技術研究組合)設立、さらには会社設立を通して社会実装・事業化を実現し、我が国のさらなるAI研究の発展とよりよい社会の実現に貢献することを目的として活動しています。


研究期間  :原則1年以内(年度を跨る場合は、年度毎の決算)
研究予算  :直接経費1,000万円以内
応募締め切り:2022年12月23日 金曜日(下記3分野テーマ)
       2023年1月6日 金曜日(下記3分野テーマ以外)
その他   :機構との相談、ソフトバンク担当者との調整等を経て、採否を決定。ハイサイクル研究や事業化への移行を目指したフィージビリティスタディ的な研究に取り組む。



宛先:bai.kenkyushien.adm[at] [at]を@に変えてください。
(Beyond AI 研究推進機構 研究支援担当)

To the University of Tokyo faculty,

Beyond AI Joint Project with SoftBank aims to build an ecosystem for the social implementation and commercialization of research results through the Institute for AI and Beyond.
Currently, the Institute promotes mid-to-long-term (basic research) and “high-cycle” research (applied research), and we aim to contribute to the further development of AI research and a better society in Japan by establishing collaborative innovation partnerships (CIP) and companies to commercialize and implement the results of the “high-cycle” research in society.

To expedite our efforts, the Institute for AI and Beyond has decided to call for proposals for pre-“high-cycle” research/seeds for commercialization.
Accordingly, we eagerly await proposals from interested professors.

◇Overview of the pre-“high-cycle” research
Research period: Generally, within 1 year (reported for each year even if crossing over academic years)
Research budget: Direct costs within 10 million JPY
Application deadline:
Friday, December 23, 2022 (for the three topics listed below)
Friday, January 6, 2023 (for topics other than the three listed below)
Misc.: Acceptance/rejection will be determined based on consultation with the organization and coordination with relevant staff at SoftBank. In pre-“high-cycle” research, you are supposed to undertake a feasibility study aimed at shifting to “high-cycle” research and commercialization

※For more details please read the document in PDF linked as below;

Please apply as per the instructions mentioned on the above document in PDF by sending the necessary information via "Contact" on our website linked as below;

Please send any queries you may have regarding the invitation for proposals to the following address:
Please change [at] to @
(Research Support Team at the Institute for AI and Beyond)

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