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[プレスリリース]ソフトバンクと東京大学が共同で次世代AI人材育成を目的とした教育プログラムを実施 [Press Release] Softbank and The University of Tokyo to Implement an Educational Program Aiming to Train Next-Generation AI Talents

本プログラムは、世界で活躍できる次世代のAI人材の育成を目的に、AIやデータ活用について実践的に学び、ビジネスの最前線を体感できるデータハッカソンの開催、勉強会、交流会、グローバル・インターンシップの実施を含むプログラムとなっており、Beyond AI 研究推進機構による取り組みの一環として開催される。
プログラム全体の企画と運営に関しては、ソフトバンクが企業向けに提供するAI・DX人材育成サービス「Axross Recipe for Biz(アクロス・レシピ・フォー・ビズ)」の提供や、ソフトバンクの出資先であるFindability Sciences Inc.(ファインダビリティ・サイエンシス・インク)との連携など、グループのリソースやノウハウを活用して実施する。


・Findability Sciences Inc.

SoftBank Corp. (hereinafter referred to SoftBank) and the University of Tokyo will collaboratively implement an educational program aiming to train next-generation AI talents who can work globally, targeted for students of the University of Tokyo between 1st February and 1st March, 2023.
The program is part of the efforts by the Institute for AI and Beyond of the University of Tokyo to give opportunities for students to learn about AI and data applications. The program’s aim is also to provide them experience in the front lines of business in a practical way through data hackathons experiences, study groups activities, social events, and global internships etc.
The overall planning and operation of the program will be run by SoftBank, leveraging its own resources and know-hows through Axross Recipe Biz, which usually provides services to businesses, as well as through collaboration with Findability Sciences Inc., an investee of SoftBank.

Registration for participation is scheduled to open on 2nd December on the UTokyo website. For details, please refer to the Press Release from the SoftBank as linked below.
Note that the educational program will be in Japanese.

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